Family Owned and Run

Elkhart Horse Auctions is owned & operated by ladies. Donna Thomas is the proud owner of Elkhart Horse Auctions. She is married to David Thomas, who currently works out of town in the Power Line Industry. Donna is not only the business's owner, but an incredible auctioneer. She makes sure to keep God as her first priority. Together they share 6 children, 5 children in laws, and 5 grandchildren. Donna and David are always welcoming additions to their Thomas family with open arms.

The oldest son is Joshua Lewis, who married to Kayla Lewis. Joshua and Kayla have two children, a daughter named Eden, who joined our Lord and Savior in 2010, and a son, Braddock. The Lewis family run their own business from home in Waco, TX. Braddock can be found at the barn during the summer time riding his favorite horse, Mustang Sally.

Their second oldest son is Pete Commander. He is one of our amazing Auctioneers and is married to MaKayla Commander. Pete not only works during the week at the barn, he recently started his own mechanic business in the local area. Mak graduated college and now works for TxDOT as an engineer and continues to barrel race every weekend. Together they have two fur-babies, Scarlet and Booger.

Calvin Thomas is the third son, who is married to Lisa Thomas. Calvin works out of town for the Power Line Industry and Lisa runs EHA online. together they share one fur-baby, Killer.

Tiffany Patterson is the oldest daughter who is married to Dakota Patterson. Together they share their daughter, Larami, and their son, Sterling. Dakota currently works for Nucor. Tiffany not only attends college but she also works for EHA handling all the behind the scenes to keep everything in order. Lar and Sterling are always up at the barn riding horses for Aunt Abble.

The youngest daughter, Savanna Randall, is married to Jordan Randall and together they share their newest edition to the grand kids, Memphis. Savanna works at EHA running everything in the auction box and Jordan is one of the haulers for EHA. Savanna also runs her business evaluating ponies and horses and is teamed up with EHA.

Donna and David's youngest son is Rossie Ellison. Rossie has been such a huge part of the Thomas family for over a year. He makes such a huge impact on everyone he meets. Rossie can be found at the barn on Saturdays working hard. Rossie enjoys hanging out with his family and riding his horse, Roger.

The Thomas’s have truly been blessed with a wonderful family. Everything they do, they do to glorify God.

“Not to us, O LORD, not to us, But to Your name give glory Because of Your loving kindness, because of Your truth.”, Psalms 115:1

Clean Facilities

Every auction is started with a prayer and scripture reading followed by Saddle Sale, Outside Sale, then our Horses. We strive to make this place, not just a horse auction, but a place where the family can come on Saturdays together and enjoy a safe and friendly atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. We honor God in all we do and we ask that you respect that. Please refrain from any foal language, violence, alcohol or drugs of any kind, or crude manners.

One of the Largest Weekly Sales in Texas

We are proud to have one of the largest horse auctions in Texas. We have customers traveling from all over the United States every weekend to purchase and sell horses. We average about 100+ head every week. We also offer Used Tack every 1st Saturday of the Month.

Nothing we do without praising God for it all. Without him nothing is possible. "With God all things are possible.", Matthew 19:26

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